2015 July: Grey River Road, Kennet River. 93 koalas sighted

Koala Survey Grey River Road Saturday, July 18

Friends of Eastern Otways (Great Otway National Park)


The annual koala count was held on 18 July. Ten people met at Aireys Inlet hall early and we then drove to Kennet River where we had morning tea at the picnic area. Our survey began at Grey River Road in the Great Otway National Park at about 11.00 am. The weather was fine, cloudy and cold.We followed the usual survey procedure, walking along the road and checking either side for koalas. Our impression was that the tall forest trees bordering the roadside showed signs of over-browsing. From what we could see the koalas however appeared to be generally in good health. Some of them were active, either feeding or moving around, grunting and scratching.About an hour later, we turned to walk up on to the ridge where we had lunch overlooking Grey River settlement with Superb Fairy Wrens and Grey Shrike Thrush nearby.During our return walk along the powerline clearing, we saw a small group of between 15-20 kangaroos move ahead of us. We could also clearly hear the White-throated Treecreepers and Rufous Bristlebird was very vocal.By the time we arrived back to the cars, we had seen a total of 93 koalas. It was a good day and I think everyone enjoyed the walk.