Take action


February 2019

The simplest way to take action in regards to protecting the unique genetic attributes of the Strzelecki Koala is to help keep the koala collective alive. Any donations are greatly appreciated. To put a donation into context, each day spent in Gippsland costs Friends of the Earth about $100. In that day approximately 2-3 sites can be surveyed.

At this stage, FoE intends to do more mapping during the year. Due to extreme financial limitations our field work has been limited over 2017-18. To keep this important work alive it is necessary to ask for donations. Up to now we have helped determine preferred tree species for koalas in the region, but the vital work includes working on locating key populations.

If you have any information regarding koalas, particularly sightings of koalas and would like them uploaded onto the map let us know:

For more information contact: ajamis50@gmail.com