2021 January: Koala and joey on main street of Casterton

Adorable moment street-smart koala carrying a joey on her back is spotted stopping at a crossing in a country town

6 January 2021


  • Mother koala with joey on back spotted walking in Casterton, a town in Victoria 
  • Heartwarming footage was shared online showing the fluffy pair looking lost
  • The koala appeared to look around curiously as she walked down the street
  • When she reached the edge of the footpath she stopped before turning left 

This is the adorable moment a mother koala carrying her joey on her back made her way down a street and stopped at a crossing.

Heartwarming footage shared online showed the fluffy marsupials in Casterton, a town in Victoria near the South Australian border.

The koala was slowly making her way down the street with her joey on her back looking around curiously.

As she continued down the footpath, she stopped at the edge and sat down while waiting to cross the road.

According to a comment in the thread, the koala turned left and climbed up the tree with her joey.

‘I assume she wanted to get out of the spotlight before finding a more suitable gumtree,’ they wrote.

‘I hope she wasn’t too frightened by us! I had no idea it was a koala until two seconds before I started filming. I thought it was a fluffy dog in the distance.’

Many viewers suggested the koala was lost but also commended her for her street-smart behaviour.

‘Definitely lost and confused,’ one wrote.

‘An example of habitat loss through human encroachment,’ another wrote.

‘Good street manners. Stop, Look, Listen and Think!’ a third wrote.

Others however pointed out that trees have been recently cut down in the area and more needed to be done so koalas don’t make their way to suburban areas.

‘Apparently there have been lots of trees cut down in the area lately, one of the locals thinks that it’s moved a lot of koalas on and this kind of occurrence is unusual otherwise,’ a comment read.

‘They need the trees outside the urban areas so they don’t wander in to them like this,’ another wrote.