2019 February: Lower Glenelg National Park. Koalas sited

Koalas watching over a beautiful river

Feb 11 2019


3 days kayaking and walking along the Glenelg river in mid summer. Koalas in the trees easily outnumbered the boats in the upper reach – we saw 18 in a half day paddle. Some of them woke up and some did not bother.
The river is set up well for camping from canoes/kayaks or walking, and generally separated from places accessible by car. It is part of the Great SW Walk, with good, basic facilities at each camp. The calm waters allow for travel either upstream or downstream, with very little tide to worry about. But check wind direction because it can affect some reaches.
We took our own kayak and managed our own car pickups, but hire is available at Nelson. The information centre there was really helpful about the best trips.