2017 December: Koala sited at Timboon Swimming Pool

Curious koala ponders an early morning swim at Timboon


December 20 2017

Timboon Swimming Pool manager James Plozza said the friendly marsupial arrived at the pool on Monday morning, perching on the edge of the pool as lap swimmers passed by.

Koalas are nothing new in bushy Timboon, but Mr Plozza said the koala was the most confident critter to wander into the site in his nine years on the job.

“We’ve always had koalas hanging around the pool, but we think this one’s a juvenile and he’s not so scared of people,” Mr Plozza said.

“He’s not shy at all.”

A video of the incident has since made the koala a social media star, getting more than 20,000 views on the Corangamite Swimming Pools Facebook page.

“That was a bit of a surprise,” Mr Plozza said.

“When we put it up we just thought it would be something the guy who was swimming could show his grand-kids. It’s gone crazy.”

Mr Plozza said two of the pool’s regulars were local vets, who were keeping an eye on the koala to ensure the visit wasn’t a sign of something more worrying.

“When they’re drinking water it can mean they’re sick or heat stressed, so he’s being checked out by them,” he said.