2016 January: Drumborg Farmer calls Koala Plague across South West Victoria

Koala plague destroying trees on farms across southwest Victoria

Jan 13 2016


THE koalas have got to go, according to southwest Victorian farmer Garry Everett.

The prime lamb producer from Drumborg, near Heywood, said “a severe overpopulation” of koalas was destroying trees on farms across the region.

“They’re not always cute and cuddly,” he said.

Mr Everett will put a resolution to the Victorian Farmers Federation conference in Melbourne next week, calling on the group to lobby government and timber plantations to stump up the cash to manage koalas on private land.

Mr Everett would not disclose how much money he was seeking, but said a recent $3 million, 10-year koala sterilisation project at Mt Eccles National Park “had reasonable success”.

Mr Everett estimated there were up to eight koalas a hectare on his property, and in one shelter belt koalas had destroyed 80 per cent of the vegetation.

“I’m open to any suggestion about how to reduce numbers,” Mr Everett said.

“In the long term, sterilisation might work, but in the short term they may need to be relocated.”